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hearthstone hacks

Good evening to all boys. As I already mentioned here above, this review is constantly updated, that is, to gradually complete the stages of the game, I’ll write something more.

This is a list of the things added:


  • MANA BAR: increases mana bar and recharges every turn, it serves to evoke/turn of the cards and the power of the hero.
  • Chronology: on the left there is a vertical bar in which we can see in chronological sequence activated cards, destroyed and evoked.
  • REWARDS: Hearthstone games: Heroes of Warcraft end with a reward consisting of cards used in the game.
  • FREE TO PLAY: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, now in BETA is a free to play.
  • The hero’s POWER: the power of the hero is a skill that every hero has. You can use once per turn and has a mana cost.

My collection: in “my collection” we’ll have a book in which are contained all our cards, either purchased or obtained by winning fights. We can also choose to create custom cards deck;
Create a deck: in creating a deck we choose our hero and select cards.
Progress log: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, we will have our personal log where we collect our progress.

Change scenario: despite the fact that the scenario of the game is based on a book lying on a table, it can change. The corners of the book, in fact, there are three-dimensional figures that, for every game can change giving a touch of variety to everything and not make the game too monotonous.
Training mode: training mode we will have the opportunity to improve our performance in the game against AI-controlled heroes and to better understand our style and discover new strategies before facing real players. Each time you defeat a hero in this mode, we automatically and we can use it.


Top European Players

The 100 Best Players in Europe – Hearthstone Legendary Rankings

Today, we introduce you to the 100 best European players of the public beta of Hearthstone. If you were likely to play mode classified part and to share your comments on the game, these players there is are worked his way to the top of the current ranking.

hearthstone top players

As this classification is not visible in game, we decided to explain it below to encourage you to continue to play, to test the various features of the game, and don’t hesitate to switch into the new mode of classified parts.

This list contains only the legendary players at the time of today. If there are not enough players of that rank to be posted here, you will also find lower ranks players, always in the order of the highest class.

Grab a seat and sit with us, while we celebrate the 100 best European players!

Rank BattleTag rank

  • 1 GhettoKid L
  • 2 Kalle L
  • 3 oRioN L
  • 4 Wandal L
  • 5 Spo L
  • 6 DrEaX L
  • 7 Dalok L
  • 8 Kunzi L
  • 9 Viffor L
  • 10 Shakalets L
  • 11 julsn L
  • 12 Montano L
  • 13 Xixo L
  • 14 Caine L
  • 15 ReWinDTV L
  • 16 Kolento L
  • 17 Nighthavk L
  • 18 Thalai L
  • 19 rajta L
  • 20 Dodje L
  • 21 aggeeinn L
  • 22 Necx L
  • 23 Yliajo 1
  • 24 Nylaxina 1
  • 25 WIproto 1
  • 26 Prot 1
  • 27 Olinho 1
  • 28 Mossee 1
  • 29 tjenatjena 1
  • 30 Night 1
  • 31 zhen1394 2
  • 32 DryKillLogic 2
  • 33 Kolori 2
  • 34 Gravesh 2
  • 35 Inthedark 2
  • 36 Schmiddy 2
  • 37 Nvx 2
  • 38 Des 2
  • 39 Sorriz 2
  • 40 TheDna 2
  • 41 Tazdingo 2
  • 42 Furisyo 2
  • 43 Ostkaka 2
  • 44 Nepho 2
  • 45 Cyclone 2
  • 46 FoxTheFeared 2
  • 47 Miki 2
  • 48 Bibilicious 3
  • 49 Bnetplayer 3
  • 50 Karlis 3
  • 51 Bostock 3
  • 52 Segismundo 3
  • 53 TUGIS 3
  • 54 Alexitou 3
  • 55 JLHEnt 3
  • 56 cecicup 3
  • 57 kaei 3
  • 58 taey 3
  • 59 Bob 3
  • 60 Innerlol 3
  • 61 Housenka 3
  • 62 Seyfert 3
  • 63 Scratch 3
  • 64 borgiqta 3
  • 65 Skunkzy 3
  • 66 Ekop 3
  • 67 Rutututu 3
  • 68 max 3
  • 69 Tjene 3
  • 70 Ignite 3
  • 71 Milithium 3
  • 72 Twi 3
  • 73 Moldran 3
  • 74 Badbringer 3
  • 75 Numberguy 3
  • 76 Relix 3
  • 77 Enemy 3
  • 78 Gr4Fi 3
  • 79 Tinyearl 3
  • 80 Darkwonyx 3
  • 81 Cicak 3
  • 82 Thanatos 3
  • 83 blabla 3
  • 84 ManuS 3
  • 85 SensoR 3
  • 86 Nirvana 4
  • 87 ryo 4
  • 88 NabUttE 4
  • 89 TikkiTavi 4
  • 90 Logi 4
  • 91 solow 4
  • 92 Phenom 4
  • 93 Kaor 4
  • 94 Pichenci 4
  • 95 Zeroxv 4
  • 96 scarrr 4
  • 97 Микри 4
  • 98 Criostasi 4
  • 99 Hurricane 4
  • 100 Twixzorz 4

Hearthstone Overview

How to Play Hearthstone – Guide For Beginner’s

You want to plunge headlong into HearthStone. But how to approach him? Although this game is accessible to all, it is full of subtleties. It is for this reason that I propose this guide to begin. I tried to gather a maximum of information and the synthethiser. I hope you enjoy this guide. It is intended primarily for beginners. You can also find this guide in post it on the official forum. Here are the different elements that I discuss in this guide:


  • The game modes
  • The hero of the game
  • Cards
  • Earn Gold
  • Clarification on some maps
  • The best neutral cards
  • The decks to begin
  • A few tips
  • Resources in HearthStone

The game modes

HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft is a trading card game (TCG) based on the Warcraft universe.

Three game modes are available:

  • Part mode which allows you to play part unclassified or classified part.
  • Training mode which allows to train against an AI Basic or expert.
  • The arena mode where you can compete against other players with randomly constructed decks and where rewards will be at the height of your victories. With the patch, you can go up to twelve victories. Previously, the ceiling was set at nine.

The heroes of the game

Nine heroes representing nine classes of World of Warcraft database are present. Each hero has his own heroic power and his style of play. All heroes have their own cards. These cards may be used only by their class. To supplement them, all characters can select from a list of common cards. In order to start, need to know the operation of these heroes and their essential cards.

Mage: Jaina proudmoore

hearthstone mage

His heroic power gives it the possibility to deal 1 point of damage to any character. This power passes through provocations and can therefore also be used defensively than offensively. For example, Jaina could use its power on a Berserker gurubashi raising his fit of rage before attacking with it.
The early part of the mage is very powerful, his most dangerous minions will be:

  • The mana Wyrm, a 1/3 servant who will gain 1 point of attack whenever the mage will use a spell.
  • The apprentice of the wizard that will allow the mage to use his spells at lower cost.
  • Its Mirror Image (2 servants 0/2) allowing it to delay.
  • Jaina has also a wide control range: his Frost Nova, its Cone of cold and his Blizzard will freeze your servants. Metamorphosis will transform any of your servants in sheep and finally his shock of flames will kill all your servants with less than 4 life points. It is therefore important not to compromise themselves and do not ask too many servants before this famous Tower 7.

Do not leave the servants who were of affixes and damage spells on the table when you face a mage under penalty to punish by a Flash of frost or a fireball overpowering.

We must also be wary of the mage secret cards that can entrap you. Note that the mage has two servants that have synergies with the secrets: the Mage of Dalaran, enabling it to play a secret for free on the same round and the Ethereal Arcanist who will win + 2 / + 2 at every turn where the mage will control a secret. We must manage this card since the arcanist Ethereal can become a real problem in a few rounds.

The mage has also a Pyroblast for 10 points of mana which may inflict 10 points of damage to your hero, ideal to finish an evil hero point!

Hunter: Rexxar

Hearthstone Hunter

The champion of the horde is specialized in the use of wild beasts. His heroic power to inflict 2 damage points to the opposing heroes, it should be noted that this power through provocation and that he can use it even if it is frozen.

His main minions are the hungry Marsh Harrier, a 2/1 servant that will draw a card whenever it will invoke a beast and the charognarde Hyena which will take + 2 / + 1 each time a beast will die on the ground. Therefore, beware of these two cards and control as soon as possible.

Its two key cards are the dog which buffera one of his animals from a bonus of + 2 / + 2 as well as the animal companion (3 mana crystals) which will invoke a very good servant for the Hunter at low cost. The animal companion is considered a spell and a beast which can make you draw two cards if you set an auctioneer and a Harrier hungry on the ground!

Finally towards the end of game, the Hunter may invoke the great mane of Savannah, one of the best servants of the game that will leave behind two Hyena (2/2).

At the level of the controls, the panoply of the Hunter is also very complete, (1 Crystal) arcane shot be removed 2 points of damage to servants or enemy heroes. The multi-shot (4 mana crystals) can remove 3 life points to two random enemy servants. The explosive shot will remove 5 damage points to a main target and 2 life points to the adjacent servants, hence the importance of placing its cards smartly against a hunter.

The order to kill will be also formidable. 3 Crystals, the Hunter may inflict 5 points of damage to any target if there a beast on his land. Finally the deadly shot will kill a random opponent’s servant. Must be very careful to the new version of the map let dogs, the Hunter may invoke a dog (1/1), which is responsible for each servant that his opponent has on the table, which can quickly return a situation.

The Hunter also has secrets:

  • Explosive trap – Secret: when your hero is attacked, inflicts 2 damage to all opponents.
  • Trap freezing – Secret: when an opposing servant attack, back into its owner’s hand and it costs now (2) crystals more. It will return the servant who attack in the hand of its owner with a malus of 2 mana crystals, ideal for the delay
  • Diversion – Secret: when a character attack your hero, he attacked another random character instead.
  • Snakes – Secret trap: when one of your minions is attacked, invokes three snake 1/1.
  • Accuracy shooting – Secret: when your opponent plays a servant, imposes 4 point (s) of damage.
  • In addition to this comprehensive enough spells arsenal, the Hunter has also two arcs:
  • CRA cornedaigle which will be a synergy with its secrets.
  • Long bow of Gladiator

Druid: Malfurion

Hearthstone Druid

The power of Malfurion will allow him to have a cue point and a point of armor against two mana crystals. This point of armor can be cumulative throughout the part. The Druid specialises in “buff” and flexibility that is the bonus that he can give to his servants. It has a multitude of servants which may have provocation but who can also “choose” their effects. The servants of the Druid will be able to adapt to the situation.

All the servants of the Druid can become dangerous through the mark of the wild (2 mana crystals) allow a servant to provocation and a bonus of + 2 / + 2. The Druid also possesses the Druid of the claw (5 mana crystals) which can load or provocation depending on his choice and the protector Ecorcefer (8 mana crystals), his greatest servant that provocation and 8/8 in statistics. Its keeper of the Grove is a very versatile servant with which we can impose two damage or silence his opponent.

Level spells, the Druid will be able to clean your table with scan (4 mana crystals) that inflicts 4 damage to target and 1 point of damage to all the others or even via his Meteors (5 mana crystals) that inflict 5 points of damage to a target or 2 points of damage to all enemy servants. The Druid can also use its Starfire (6 mana crystals) which will award 5 points of damage to a target or opponent hero and enabling him to draw a card as a bonus.

The weakness of the Druid lies therefore in the servants who have more 2 life points. If the Druid is overwhelmed and that there not meteors or scanning, it will be difficult for him to reverse the part.

Paladin: Uther

Hearthstone Paladin

The paladin can invoke a recruit 1/1 at every turn. This is a very interesting power because the paladin can give various bonuses to recruits who will become real threats quickly. The key against a paladin is not leaving his recruits lying around on the ground.

The paladin has several very interesting servants. The protector of the dawn (2 mana crystals) will give a divine to one of his servants shield guard-peace of the Aldor go attack a target 1.

At the level of spells, the paladin may buffer servants via the blessing of wisdom (1 mana Crystal), the blessed target will allow its owner to draw a card whenever it will attack.

The blessing of Kings is a very violent bonus (+ 4 / + 4), should be wary of it and always try to anticipate at the end for not getting caught.

The Paladin can manage the opposing servants via the Consecration (mana 4 Crystal) which will inflict 2 damage points on all opposing servants as well as with his hammer of wrath (mana 4 Crystal) which inflicts 3 damage to a target and allows the paladin to draw a card.

In addition to all cela, need to be wary of secret maps the paladin and its weapons.

  • Noble Sacrifice: Secret: invokes a 2/1 defender, who becomes the target of the enemy about to attack.
  • Eye for an eye: Secret: deals to the heroes opposing as much damage as those suffered by your hero.
  • Redemption: Secret: when one of your minions dies, he is risen with 1 PV.
  • Repentance: Secret: when your opponent plays a servant, his life points are reduced to 1.
  • Truesilver champion will allow the paladin to control a middlegame and the sword of Justice will take some advantage.

The silt of the acid marshes is a card that can make the difference against a paladin.

The paladin has the best “clean” of the playing field. Coupled with the wild Pyromancer equality will kill purely and simply all the servants on the ground.

Priest: Anduin

Hearthstone Priest

The priest will have the power to heal 2 points of life or to treat one of his servants. The style of the priest will aim to control the part by gradually removing your servants in the table and using your servants against yourself. There is a servant of the priest to be manage must be quickly under penalty to punish: it is the clerk of County – North. This map allows the priest draw whenever he heals a servant. Its skylights will also be a problem, we should hesitate to silence to prevent it from becoming too annoying. The offspring of light is also a servant that need to quickly check since the priest could buffer and the offspring might become monstrous in the rounds that follow.

The priest will be able to control the playing field via a range of broad enough spells. The madness of the shade will allow the priest to return to a party not engaged in taking control of one of your servants with less than 3 attack during a tour, it will then commit suicide against one of your other minions. The shadow Word: pain and shadow Word: death will kill your servants who have less than 3 points of attack for one and more than 5 points of attack for each other. The single window is therefore the servants who have 4 attack. If you want to beat a priest, must be abuse.

The priest will also use its sacred Nova, which will award 2 points of damage to all enemy targets and heal all his servants by 2 points. Finally, mind control (10 mana crystals) will allow the priest to take control of one of your minions.

At the level of the buffs, the priest can double the life of a servant points via the divine spirit and convert the points of life in points of attack via the fire within, this is the reason why we must control the offspring of light.

Rogue: Valeera

Hearthstone Rogue

The thief is specialized in the attack and the sneakiness. His power will equip it a dagger (2/1) ideal for managing small creatures. The thief is a very strong class capable of out amazing combos. It will monitor the table while removing your minions with his family via their combos.

Need to be wary in the first place of weapons of the thief. His assassin Blade (5 mana crystals) will equip it a 3/4 weapon that could well make the difference in mid game. Combined with its deadly Poison (+ 2 attack), this weapon become even stronger. The thief may also detonate his weapon with the Deluge of blades if the situation is critical, imposing his weapon damage to all enemy targets.

The thief will be able to control the game with several spells. The first is whack (2 mana crystals) with which the thief can return a servant to its owner’s hand. Do not underestimate this card, return a servant which costs 8 mana crystals in its owner’s hand, it’s almost win a round for free.

The thief may also destroy a target with his murder (5 mana crystals), it therefore has one of the best removals of the game. Two other spells the thief keys are the backstab (0 Crystal / 2 point of damage to a free target) and Evisceration (2 crystals: combo deals 4 damage points).

The thief is specialized also in combos allowing him to inflict damage to your servants via the combo of his servants as the Agent of the SI (2 points of damage) or the combo of his gun through the blade of perdition. Its not from the shadows will also allow him to bring a map for free in his hand to reuse a combo.
Shaman: Thrall

Hearthstone Shaman

The shaman will have the ability to invoke a random totem in a list of four totems. Shaman decks will often be based on the control of the playing field and the power. For me, the shaman decks are those who are potentially the scariest. The shaman is a class that has some maps that inflicts it an overload, powerful cards that he will remove crystals of mana for the next round.

The management of the curve of mana with a shaman is therefore a bit more complicated than with other classes.

The servants of the shamans are very powerful, his fierce spirit will be a real problem to handle at the beginning of part (2/3 with provocation 2 wolves invocation).

The Fire Elemental will arrive at round 6 and will inflict 3 points of damage to any opponent.

Elementary Earth may happen to round 5, is a huge servant who has statistics frightening (7/8) but which cost the shaman a very big overload in the following round.

The Shaman can control the playing field with the lightning storm and the fork of lightning. When one confronts a shaman, it is indispensable to kill his wrath of air Totem if present or all creatures which gives it the “+ damage to the fate” if we do not want to take monstrous damage via his two cards. The shaman will continue his work of control with his curse that will turn into a toad an opponent’s target for 3 mana crystals.

Two other very dangerous maps of the shaman are the Totem tongue of fire that will give + 2 attack at two adjacent servants as well as his Totem of wave of Mana which will allow him to draw a card at the end of his tour. One should be wary when the shaman uses his play in round 1 to ask a totem. This often means that he has a tongue of fire totem in his hand that will enable to Exchange properly to the round 2.

The Shaman can also surprise his opponents with the use of his bloodlust that will give + 3 attack to all his servants on the ground and the use of a Spell  which confers fury of the winds to one of his servants.

In addition to these maps, the shaman has also more or less powerful weapon, the hammer-du-fate that deserves a few words. This weapon 2/8 give the shaman the fury of wind power, which is ideal to clean several small targets. His first weapon, Forge-lightning axe him also offers excellent control early.

Warlock: Guldan

hearthstone warlock

The Warlock has one of the most powerful heroic powers of the game: against 2 life points, it piochera a map.

Master of the deck, the Warlock rush has a palette of demons that can emerge very quickly. For 1 mana Crystal, he may invoke his Devil’s blood, his IMP of the flames but also his Voidwalker. It may inflict damage from area with his Hellfire (3 points of damage for all 4 mana crystals) but also by the Shadowflame. The shadowflame will allow it to sacrifice one of his servants and to impose all its attack to all the opposing servants points, ideal for cleaning a whole field. Often the Warlock match its overwhelming power (a buff + 5 / + 5, but which will kill its target at the end of the round) to the shadowflame. for thorough cleaning of the table.

The portal of summoning (all the servants cost 2 mana crystals less) will allow him to invoke his servants with more fluidity.

The Warlock also has a shadow (deals 4 damage point to a servant) and may destroy a servant to be treated via siphon soul. The veil of death will come to grips with your servants who have only one point of life.

It will have to be wary of its legendary card which is one of the best in the game: Lord Jaraxxus. Jaraxxus will take the place of the Warlock, shall be equipped with a 3/8 weapon and can summon a demon 6/6 for 2 crystals of mana every turn. His weapon can be broken by a silt of the acid marshes and jarraxus can be one-shot by the sacrificial Covenant (guaranteed effect!)

Warrior: Garrosh

hearthstone warrior

The power of the Warrior is maligned as it is one of the only heroes to have a completely defensive power. For 2 mana crystals, the Warrior will win 2 points of armor. However, the Warrior is not a ‘wrong’ class so far. Specialist weapons, it has several tools to keep the ground control.

Fiery war axe: his weapon from the game early. Arcanite Reaper: the weapon from game mid which deals damage. Gorehowl: surely the best weapon of the game, as it features 7/1 but loses 1 attack instead of 1 of sustainability when you attack an opponent’s servant.

The Warrior is a “violent” class and his servants have some synergy. The Warsong officer will be the main threat because it will allow the other servants of the Warrior benefit from a load as soon as they are placed on the ground (map was nerfee to the 4458 patch and the new version is much less powerful).

The Warrior will be able to finish a target who was injured for 1 Crystal mana via its Execution. Foaming Berserker will also be a concern since it earns 1 point of attack whenever a servant is injured. The manufacturer of weapons will also allow him to continue to put pressure on the mid game since it team weapon 2/2. Like the Druid, Warrior will be vulnerable when his opponent will take control of the playing field because it is not very effective area apart from its Baston spells (destroyed all the servants except randomly selected 1) and its Tourbillon (deals 1 point of damage to all the servants).