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hearthstone hacks

Good evening to all boys. As I already mentioned here above, this review is constantly updated, that is, to gradually complete the stages of the game, I’ll write something more.

This is a list of the things added:


  • MANA BAR: increases mana bar and recharges every turn, it serves to evoke/turn of the cards and the power of the hero.
  • Chronology: on the left there is a vertical bar in which we can see in chronological sequence activated cards, destroyed and evoked.
  • REWARDS: Hearthstone games: Heroes of Warcraft end with a reward consisting of cards used in the game.
  • FREE TO PLAY: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, now in BETA is a free to play.
  • The hero’s POWER: the power of the hero is a skill that every hero has. You can use once per turn and has a mana cost.

My collection: in “my collection” we’ll have a book in which are contained all our cards, either purchased or obtained by winning fights. We can also choose to create custom cards deck;
Create a deck: in creating a deck we choose our hero and select cards.
Progress log: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, we will have our personal log where we collect our progress.

Change scenario: despite the fact that the scenario of the game is based on a book lying on a table, it can change. The corners of the book, in fact, there are three-dimensional figures that, for every game can change giving a touch of variety to everything and not make the game too monotonous.
Training mode: training mode we will have the opportunity to improve our performance in the game against AI-controlled heroes and to better understand our style and discover new strategies before facing real players. Each time you defeat a hero in this mode, we automatically and we can use it.


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